05 juillet 2008



One end to one beginning, the piece completes the whole.

When in bliss they cry and in joy they laugh, weird...
Upset, deeply disturbed, dryly drubbed, weird...
From Nazareth to Babylon, no beginning leads to no end.
Carcrash, plaincrash, social disturbance, ambient violence, weird...

Say hell o!
Once again, I repeat, uncuff the stream and let it be,
Once again, I repeat, forget, forgive, to forgive.
Once again, I repeat, say hell o! to madness

Dont turn around, stand still, freeze! weird...
Jump up, spreading and glistening
I won't pay, no. I won't pay, no more.

the living-dead poet is grinning,
And here comes I, lying in a grassy sky with heaveneous dust.


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