25 mars 2008

Back to the grave.


Out there, beyond the night
Out there, beneath sight
Far away in time
Further on, the crime.

Place of bitter thoughts
Where wits and heart fought
Filled with bitterness,
Slow decay... To madness.

Bound by forgotten troth
Blinded by dazzling truth
Back to the grave,
We vanishing souls.
In a world of haze,

Back to dust and ashes, We dreaming fouls.

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Commentaires sur Back to the grave.


    That just look like
    There's no more sun
    I just dislike
    Can't try this pun

    Acclaimed by everyone
    Shouting on everyone
    Wanna see everyone
    There isn't anyone

    Some bones trying to face the truth
    My words losing me, can't catch the bus
    You're the son of a motherfucker. Oh bury me, cary my body, far away, bury me please. Rape me my friends.
    You're a sun manufactured and lost. Oh just catch me, I wanna sleep, have some rest.You're losing everyone, eating everyone, can't catch anyone
    Gigantic, that's the way they are.
    That's the way the cookie crumble
    The red light behind.


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