25 mars 2008

Back to the grave.

Out there, beyond the nightOut there, beneath sightFar away in timeFurther on, the crime.Place of bitter thoughtsWhere wits and heart foughtFilled with bitterness,Slow decay... To madness.Bound by forgotten trothBlinded by dazzling truthBack to the grave,We vanishing souls.In a world of haze,Back to dust and ashes, We dreaming fouls.
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23 mars 2008

A glance

Bewilderness. 'Am Roaming high above the ground, There staring at Heavens, Restless.On homeward bound. Wits stirred up,Sweet queen mother death-cupOffers silenced StillnessWorship, Madness.Mourning willows,Morning will, owes.Shining dust burst in, stir of an eyelid:  out of a dream.
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